Birthright Israel

College students begin their journey discovering the best of Israel and their Jewish heritage.

The challenge

Birthright Israel is a not-for-profit educational organization that sponsors free ten-day heritage trips to Israel for young adults of Jewish heritage. Their website was being redesigned and I was approached by a member of the agency responsible for designing and building the new site. The designs, at the time, were not mobile-friendly. I was specifically tasked with making the website responsive. The team provided me with desktop designs. With those designs I created a design system with the desktop components. I then modified the components to make sure the site was responsive and accessible on mobile and tablet devices. I collaborated closely with project managers and the original designer of the desktop screens. The site was developed and deployed shortly after.

My contributions

Design System
Responsive Design
UI Patterns
Website Design
Developer Spec
Design Documentation

Tools & tech



Jamison Hill

Design Lead

Glenn Grieves

Project Manager

Mendy Seldowitz

Product Designer

Explore trips, events and activities through a simple-to-navigate, interactive directory.

Use the minimal wizard to move step-by-step through the application process.

My role was specifically to optimize each page and view the desktop website experience for mobile and tablet devices.

The new Birthright Israel website now looks, feels and responds to it's younger, ever-growing audience.

Design process:

Website Design Process

Web software case studies & more projects: