Playlist Radio

A fresh approach to creating and sharing playlists with friends.

The challenge

Playlist Radio defies the social norm of being fed an endless stream of programmatically-generated lists of songs. The platform makes creating and sharing playlists with friends and the community enjoyable. The founder approached me when the product was in its early stages. He needed help crafting an interface design style that would appeal to his intended audience. I was the sole designer on this project. Throughout the duration of the project we inventoried existing interface components, reconstructed the flow of creating a playlist, produced a design system and crafted all views based on the new design system. The product is still in development today.

My contributions

Component Research
Visual Design
UI Library
Design System
Interactive Prototype
Responsive Design
Developer Spec
Logo Design
Design Documentation

Tools & tech



Jamison Hill

Design Lead

Zach Poag


Initially I reviewed the web-based MVP and did an inventory of all components found in the existing experience.

With a clear vision of what components the interfaces were made of, I performed research around the web to find inspiration of holistic UI design samples and component-specific designs. The client was able to see options for each component and communicate his preferences.

I used my understanding of the client's preferences to create 3 initial concept designs. We iterated and finalized on an agreeable style.

Leveraging the approved holistic visual style and component-specific preferences, I crafted a design system that would inform the final designs.

Once we had a completed component library, we transformed legacy screens into new, updated designs matching the new style.

Creating and sharing playlists has never been easier, or sexier.

Design process:

Software Design Process

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