A company-wide intranet that unifies HonorHealth's world-class healthcare professionals.

The challenge

HonorHealth is one of the largest medical groups in Arizona. The company was in the midst of developing an intranet that would act as a self-service portal. Here medical professionals and employees could gain access to company data and payroll information. I was brought in at the point when they needed a visual design. Wireframes had been provided by the staff. We worked through creating a visual language and design system that was cohesive with their existing brand guidelines. We then used that design system to guide the final page designs. The client and fellow product stakeholders were very pleased with the final product.

My contributions

Visual Design
Concept Design
UI Library
Design System
Website Design
UI Patterns
Developer Spec
Responsive Design
Design Documentation

Tools & tech



Jamison Hill

Design Lead

Annie Wang

Marketing Director

When I began this project I was provided with wireframes from another designer. I reviewed the wireframes and did an inventory of all components in the views.

I requested access to the previously-established brand guidelines from the HonorHealth marketing team. I wanted to be sure design styles I proposed aligned with existing standards.

With a firm grasp on the brand standards, I proposed a range of visual options to the team for how to move the overall designs forward.

I then crafted a UI library with the components that made up the majority of the wireframe views. This would become the design system that all final designs would be based upon.

Leveraging the design components defined in the UI library, I created final designs of the app views.

Last but not least, I went page-by-page to ensure the screens were properly addressing the requirements that the application be fully accessible on mobile and tablet devices.

Design process:

Software Design Process

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