Go from beautiful colors to beautiful designs in just a few clicks.

The challenge

One of the most challenging variables for designers in interface design is color, specifically how designers use colors in their final, high-fidelity designs. Colorful aims to tackle this issue by building the world's first color theme generator. Choose a color palette or add your own, then Colorful will calculate all the ways you can use your colors in a final design (aka color themes). Toggle between platforms to see relevant thumbnail visuals generated in real-time illustrating how to use your colors. Select the theme you like and download a fully-colored design file matching your theme. This is a personal product of mine. After nearly a decade of interface designing, I felt it was time to finally create a solution that addresses this lingering, universally applicable issue. The product was designed and coded over several iterations. I personally designed all the interface views for desktop and mobile. I hired and managed front and back-end developers to build web-based application. The app is currently in private beta.

My contributions

Creative Direction
User Testing
User Flows
Concept Designs
Component Research
Visual Design
UI Library
Design System
Interactive Prototype
HTML Emails
Responsive Design
Art Direction
Developer Specs
Developer Management
Logo Design
Patent Strategy

Tools & tech



Jamison Hill

Founder, Design Lead

Nate Maninger


Anthony Ferrara

UI Designer

Daniel Burkut

Back-end Developer

Long Doan

Front-end Developer

Nik Hill


Benson Garner


Oleg Beresnev


The UX strategy behind Colorful, from the beginning was carefully crafted and intentional. Designers, of all people, have little attention and need an optimized, minimal experience if they are going to adopt a tool into their workflow.

Colorful has a practical, easy-to-use color palette generator. As a prerequisite to producing color themes, color palettes need to be ready and easier to find here over other color palette solutions.

From a palette selected in the color palette generator, or with colors manually added by the designer, the system takes those colors and calculate all possible ways a designer can use the colors in a final design. These outputs are also referred to as color themes.

Any designer with a free account can save color palettes and color themes for later use.

With the help of fellow team members, we directed and produced a promo video that conveys the value and use-case of the product. The video was recorded at John Madden's personal production studio in Pleasanton California.

The Colorful experience is one of bare necessity. Why include something fancy if it doesn't help designers get their jobs done better?

Until now, designers have been left to their own creative capacities and the amount of time they are allotted to achieve excellence in their uses of color. Colorful transforms designer workflow by being the one-stop-shop for all things color.

Design process:

Software Design Process

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