A single, regulation-friendly point of sale solution for all things cannabis.

The challenge

Bloom is 'Square for cannabis.' Although legal in many states, there are heightened regulations around the sale of marijuana. Bloom provides the infrastructure that removes unnecessary barriers to selling cannabis legally through a single application. I was the first product designer on the Bloom project. A series of wireframes had been provided to me by the Head of Product, from which I crafted a design system and designed all the screens and views of the application. The app has two sides - a point of sale system and inventory management system. The point of sale system is a mobile application deployed on tablet devices. The inventory management system is a web-based desktop experience. The two systems speak to each other asynchronously in real-time.

My contributions

Component Research
Visual Design
UI Library
Design System
Interactive Prototype
Responsive Design
Developer Spec
Design Documentation

Tools & tech



Jamison Hill

Design Lead

Aron Beierschmitt

Product Manager

Ray Chiapuzio


Brett Seyler


When I began this project, I was provided with a series of wireframes. Each screen of the application was previously spec'd and wireframed.

In order to set a visual standard for the application, I produced a range of overall visual styles based on the wireframe of the core point of sale view.

With a holistic style narrowed down, I inventoried the wireframes and found all unique components. I searched and found various layouts and styles for each component. The client reviewed the components to communicate preferences in preparation for a complete design system.

I hand produced every component required by the wireframes based on client preferences in the UI component research and the holistic visual design style.

I used the newly generated component library to transform the wireframe designs into high-fidelity designs.

Bloom is setting a new standard in the cannabis industry with world-class design and silicon valley-level software user experience.

Design process:

Software Design Process

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