This is Gaming

Imagine a tv series all about esports. Now open your eyes.

The challenge

The Gamer Agency and Microsoft were in the midst of pitching a new type of show focused exclusively on esports called 'This is Gaming.' They approached me and asked for help on a presentation design and logo design for the show.

My contributions

Creative Direction
Visual Design
Concept Design
Presentation Design
Data Visualization
Logo Design
Graphic Design

Tools & tech



Jamison Hill

Design Lead

Tatiana Carrier

Project Manager

Ali Robinson

The Gaming Agency

My background isn't gaming by nature. I began by diving deep into gaming design styles to learn more about the principles shared across game design.

I crafted a few actionable visual concepts based on a range of styles that all looked and felt like 'gaming.'

Along with the deck, I created a logo mark for the show. Through research and trial & error, we settled on a mark the client was happy with.

Before we went through and created the entire deck, I created the core template page designs that would be used throughout the presentation.

We then went slide-by-slide and graphic-by-graphic to populate the deck with contents. We focused on maintaining visual consistency throughout the presentation.

The show's prospective producers were now armed with a presentation to make the case as to why the world needed an 'all esports' tv series.

Design process:

Presentation Design Process

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