Greybull Stewardship

A facelift to a pitch deck aimed at raising their next round.

The challenge

Greybull Stewardship is a private equity firm. They reached out to me needing help improving the visual design of a pitch deck that would be the central tool in their next fundraising initiative. They provided a content-complete presentation. I walked them through a series of design processes and, in so doing, produced a magnificently simple yet powerful presentation design.

My contributions

Concept Design
Presentation Design
Creative Direction
Data Visualization
Visual Design
Graphic Design

Tools & tech



Jamison Hill

Design Lead

Kesav Mohan


Mason Myers

President, CEO

I collected and reviewed the existing presentation provided by the client. It had the content and structure already defined.

We explored a range of visual styles, with a consistent theme using a deep brand blue and subtle textures.

After reviewing concepts with the client and iterating based on preferences, we settled on a single design style. These screens served as the template page designs.

Data visualization plays a large role in this presentation. I used a consistent 2D visual style and used the deep brand blue color for emphasis.

Here's a quick glance at the differences between the deck before and after the design exercise. A deck used for fundraising should be bulletproof.

Individuals being represented in the fund needed a pitch deck that reflected a professional, forward-thinking approach to appeal to investors. This presentation did that very thing.

Design process:

Presentation Design Process

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