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Visual design and content design are crucial elements in producing a great presentation. They communicate to the audience that the presenter understands an important truth; 50% of the presentation is the content and the other 50% is the delivery of that the content.

Design process

Clearly defining and communicating design process is empowering. It enables me to align expectations, work collaboratively, think creatively, focus on deadlines, and produce the highest quality deliverable for every client, every project. Here's the process I follow when designing presentations:

We'll start by walking through a series of questions to make clear the intended outcomes of the project. This includes the thorough collection of style preferences, pre-conceived visions of the designs, hard project requirements, deadlines, etc. We'll align expectations at the beginning so there aren't any surprises down the road.

Crafting the story means we create a logical flow in the direction of the slides. We identify logical starting and ending points. We orchestrate a strategy on communicating the pitch in a natural, organic way.

Content layouts establish rules on how the body slides of the presentation will consistently be structured. Simple, consistent layouts and structures remove unnecessary noise and bring focus to the content of the presentation.

Where applicable, we'll review any existing documentation and assets for established brands. It's important to ensure the visual feel of the presentation is consistent with the service and business it represents.

We'll create a few visual design styles to test how the final design will look. Having options helps broaden the range of what's possible for the final output but also gives specific directions on how the slides can look.

Once we consider the few options for visual treatments of the slides, we'll choose the one we feel will best represent the message of the presentation and also compliments the brand behind the story.

Now it's time to go slide-by-slide and fill in the content of the slides. We'll follow the skeleton strategy established when we crafted the flow of the presentation's story.

For slides that contain prescribed images, graphics, charts, icons, illustrations, etc. we'll move into producing these assets for the slides. Client-specific, custom imagery and graphics may not be a viable option for every presentation project and will be assessed on a per-project basis.

Now we'll put everything together. The layouts, order, content, copy and digital assets will produce the entirety of the presentation. We'll address any missing elements and correct areas we feel could use improvement.

Last but not least, we'll hand everything over. We'll ensure the presentation is in the correct format and that all necessary project files come along with the final deliverables. We'll cross our fingers with the hopes the presentation delivers the results you and your team are working so hard to realize!

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