Omni Group Analytics

A logo that communicates making sense out of data.

The challenge

Omni Analytics Group is a small team of data scientists who specialize in big data and data science consulting. They were in desperate need of a logo for their operation. The primary objective of the mark was to convey 'making sense of data.' The final mark was well-received. I acted as the sole designer on this project. The client was guided step-by-step through the logo design process and received an outstanding logo design that catered to their specific needs.

My contributions

Creative Direction
Personality Definition
Mark Research
Concept Design
Logo Design

Tools & tech



Jamison Hill

Design Lead

Lawrence Mosley


As with most branding and identity projects, we began my defining the project outcomes and the company's brand personality.

The personality told us the brand felt 'structured, organized, data and scattered.' Using these terms, I researched and found relevant marks and icons to use as inspiration.

I produced 4 initial concepts. The client felt most drawn to the one comprised of small circles. I iterated and did more concepts along that same vein.

The final concepts is surprisingly simple - a cube materializing from small dots or points. It was the most fitting because it stood out from other marks and tempts onlookers to look deeper to see the hidden cube.

With the diversity of ways logos and marks are used these days, from social media to app icons, it's important for marks to be flexible in their arrangements.

The new Omni Analytics Group logo symbolizes 'making sense out of data.' The individual dots represent data while the order and shape of the dots represent order, logic and action.

Design process:

Logo Design Process

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