Google Ping

Google's payment processing arm has never looked so good.

The challenge

Google pays out over $45B each year to its vendors. The team responsible for those payments is called Ping (Payments & Invoicing at Google). The team previously did not have a brand identity or logo. I was asked to help craft a logo that conveyed the values and mission of the team. I was the primary designer for this design initiative. I lead the Ping team through a branding & identity exercise, generated a variety of concepts, solicited feedback through an online survey, and produced the final logo assets the team would ultimately embraced and adopt.

My contributions

Creative Direction
Stakeholder Survey
Mark Research
Personality Definition
Concept Designs
Logo Design
Project Management
Swag Design

Tools & tech

Google Forms


Jamison Hill

Design Lead

Sangmi Park

Sr. UI Designer

The project started by defining the goals and desired results. We completed a personality worksheet to guide the creative research.

I crafted a survey to get a pulse on the preferences and expectations of the larger Ping team. After all, the team should be proud of the logo used to represent them.

The survey results were used to guide the visual research. Key phrases from the extended team were used as anchors for inspiration.

Myself and a fellow Google designer took to the whiteboard. We explored anything and everything we could think of.

The first round of logos represented a spectrum of concepts and styles. All of the concept designs stemmed from the research and survey ideas.

After another internal review with the team, the focus was narrowed down to 3 concepts. Here I explored various color treatment styles.

The team settled on a final design. Members were torn between a few key concepts but were able to choose a single concept in the end.

The new mark represents the reliability, consistency and the historically 'paper' nature of payment processing. Ping got the mark their team was after.

Design process:

Logo Design Process

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