Get Your Move On

High-end moving clients get the logo they deserve.

The challenge

Get Your Move On is a high-end, white-glove moving company that takes the stress, hassle and worry out of moving. The company needed a brand and website that conveyed a premium image. Through a series of data-driven, customer-centered design exercises, we were able to craft an elegant identity and website that appealed to the target demographic and ultimately increased the bottom line of the business.

My contributions

Creative Direction
Mark Research
Customer Survey
Personality Definition
Visual Design
Concept Design
Project Management
Stationary Design
Swag Design
Developer Management

Tools & tech

Sublime Text
Survey Monkey


Jamison Hill

Design Lead

Derek Greene

Founder & President

The first step of the project was defining the goals and project requirements. We defined a personality we felt confident would appeal to the target demographic.

Before I began sketching logo directions, I researched marks that aligned with the style we were trying to achieve and reviewed them with the client.

The mark emerged rather organically. We felt a simple shape with a focus on a moving truck would do the trick.

Along with a new logo, the business needed a complete business card and stationery set design.

Last but not least, a visual showcasing the new brand on their future canvas - the moving trucks. Seeing the mark in context did wonders for assessing its impact and fit for the business.

Design process:

Logo Design Process

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