Logo Design

A logo is a representation of an entity's mission in the form of a concise, purpose-driven visual graphic. It is the symbol upon which a entity's reputation, success, vision and values are embodied and amplified.

Design process

Clearly defining and communicating design process is empowering. It enables me to align expectations, work collaboratively, think creatively, focus on deadlines, and produce the highest quality deliverable for every client, every project. Here's the process I follow when designing a new logo:

We'll start by walking through a series of questions to make clear the intended outcomes of the project. This includes the thorough collection of style preferences, pre-conceived visions of the designs, hard project requirements, deadlines, etc. We'll align expectations at the beginning so there aren't any surprises down the road.

The identity worksheet makes the target audience, current customer problem and brand solution clear and concise. We'll leverage these insights to move carefully and logically towards emotional and visual design decisions.

A brand's personality will be the deciding factor for how users will visually, emotionally and logically connect with your product or service. Defining the personality makes clear how you'll communicate with customers through a logo or mark.

While leveraging the brand personality traits we previously defined, I'll begin reviewing countless sources for inspiration to direct the new logo design. We'll consider a range of existing options to ensure we have a competitively unique design that will embody the personality of the company.

Now we'll generate several low-fidelity concepts of the new logo based on inspiration research and stakeholder insights. These concepts may range in style and completeness.

From the range of produced logo concepts, we'll narrow to a select few to focus the direction of the project.

In the case where the logo mark does not include the name text of the company/brand, we'll move into concepts where we pair the newly generated logos with the brand name using brand-complementary font styles.

Truly diverse branding can be seen in a range of color applications. From the color palette established in earlier branding exercises, we'll ensure the logo can be treated in a wide range of color combinations, such as with brand colors or in watermark scenarios.

Now that we have several version of the logo, it's time to put the best versions in front of customers to gauge their feedback. We'll ask objective questions about their first reactions and feelings when previewing each design. The results of this survey will help drive the final direction of the new logo.

Leveraging the customer insights from the logo design survey, we are ready to select a final logo design. This includes making tweaks and iterating on the design to the satisfaction of brand stakeholders.

After we refine and select a final design, it's time to document how the logo will and will not be used. Design documentation on the logo will help prevent misuse and misapplication of the new logo in the future.

The last step in the process is to deliver all the associated final designs to the client. This includes all requested export sizes, formats, and documentation on "how to" and "how not to" apply the new logo and mark. Now's the time to launch your new logo with the world!

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