Here's a little about me. 🤘

I'm easygoing and always welcome a good joke. I'm constantly trying to improve myself. I believe everyone deserves to be treated with fairness and respect.

Above all else, I'm a husband and father of 4.

When I'm not working I spend time with my family. My kids are all very young which means my patience is tried typically more than I'm comfortable to admit. There's nothing more rewarding than seeing kids learn and grow.

Books I read.

I love learning about philosophy, business, startups and design. My first impression of any book that doesn't come in paperback: skeptical.

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Music is a big part of my life.

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Opalescent by Jon Hopkins Thanks in Advance by Ollie Wride M A N I A by Fall Out Boy Kids by The Midnight Kung Fury (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

In my spare time I enjoy working with my hands.

My passion for solving problems extends beyond the computer screen. Recently I remodeled a 40' high-cube shipping container into a luxury home workspace. Now I'm restoring a 1986 Toyota Van. Who knows what I'll be working on next.

It's rare for me not to be hacking on a personal software venture outside of work.

Ever since my undergrad I've had some form of entrepreneurial project in the works. It's fun to see new ideas come to life that solve practical, everyday problems. Here are some projects I've been working on recently:

Colorful happy name Sticky

Home-brewed Dad jokes and puns? Hell yeah.

I strive to surround myself with people that have strong values and treat others with kindness & respect.

I've shared experiences with people from all walks of life - from being a missionary teaching people on the streets in Japan, to being a combat soldier sharing a meal with locals in Afghanistan. Life's just a little less chaotic when we can learn to smile and be thankful for the people and opportunities we have in our lives.