MedHelp Brand Redesign Walkthrough


Soon after I started working at MedHelp, I was asked to lead the company's rebrand initiative. This 20+ year old company had grown steadily year over year until, before they knew it, they were the largest health community online. The design of the existing forums, at the time, was outdated. It lacked a modern design aesthetic which made it hard to attract top tech talent to our team. The designs had also never been crafted with the target end-users in mind - women between the ages of 18-35 with a medical condition. This exercise was our chance at improving both of these important design outcomes.


1. Define project goals & outcomes

We started by making it clear what quantifiable outcomes we needed to achieve in order to give specific purpose to the redesign initiative. A few of those goals included "A modern look and feel," "Improve talent acquisition," "Connect with target demographic," among others.

2. Identify target demographic & brand solution

Since we had a central goal of "Connecting with MedHelp's target users," we used a process that helped us define who our target users were. This process guided us in clarifying what the pains of our users were, and what solution MedHelp offered them that would make these pains go away.

3. Clearly articulate brand personality traits

After we defined the customer pains & correlated brand solution, we "personified" the brand solution. More specifically, we asked ourselves "What traits and characteristics does a person posses who's offered these solutions to us personally in the past?" Organizing these traits into groups then gave us a foundation from where we could start visual exploration and moodboarding.

4. Create a brand personality moodboard

Leveraging the brand personality traits we brainstormed as a team, we went to various sources for visual inspiration. We looked for imagery that embodied the traits and characteristics we felt the brand represented. From the large amount of inspiration captured by research, we hand-selected the images we felt best represented the MedHelp brand and created a final moodboard.

5. Establish a final visual palette

I worked closely with a talented brand designer in creating several directional palettes. From these palettes we chose our final visual styles that would be used across all MedHelp marketing materials and product UI components.



This brand redesign was a huge effort made possible by the entire team. It spanned nearly 5 months and several iterations. When the initiative kicked off, we didn't first embrace a logical process of working from the customer pains to a final visual design to attract our target users. After researching several major brand redesigns on the web, I found resources that allowed us to make logical, progressive steps towards a brand design backed by research and logic.

This redesign proved pivotal not only in shaping the way our front-facing web presence was portrayed, but it also helped us make better decisions as we approached a redesign of the health forums themselves. You can read more about the health forums redesign here.